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Off Road and Construction Equipment Repair

If you need repairs for all your off-road equipment, heavy-duty trucks, and construction equipment and you are based in Dallas, Texas, then MATvee Services LLC is your best bet.

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We carry out repair services on different types of construction equipment including:



Bulldozers may seem very tough and look like machines that do not break down but they can run into problems if they are not properly maintained. In periods of heavy usage, bulldozers will constantly need maintenance to remain in top shape. We provide these services as well as servicing all hydraulic components, diagnosing problems and solving them.



Backhoes are very versatile machines and are used for a lot of activities especially digging. These machines like every other heavy-duty construction equipment require corrective and preventive maintenance and periodic checks that keep it in shape. Contact us at MATvee Services LLC for backhoe repairs and you definitely would not regret making use of our services.


Compact Track Loaders

Like a lot of heavy-duty equipment out there, the compact track loader requires regular maintenance to keep it working optimally. Economically, carrying out regular maintenance on the equipment is more pocket friendly than sending the entire machine in for a complete overhaul. This is why at MATvee Services LLC, we are always ready to come in and serve you at any time at our garage or a site of your choice.


Front end loaders

Front end loaders are an important part of construction machinery and at MATvee Services LLC, we offer preventive maintenance and repairs to keep this machine in the best working condition.



We carry out preventive maintenance and any other repairs on your excavators on-site. We carry out these checks with speed and precision while delivering grade A quality.



Almost every construction or building operation requires the use of a forklift. These machines help in lifting loads to heights that are otherwise inaccessible under normal conditions. At MATvee Services, we strive to uphold excellence while keeping your forklifts in the best working conditions.


Skid steers

Skid steers are very useful for lifting and hauling materials around. These machines are very rugged and quite reliable. We carry out repairs on Skid steer engines and offer full maintenance services.


Wheel loaders

Wheel loaders need preventive maintenance from time to time unless they break down and can’t function. Our well-skilled technicians are on ground to carry out repairs and fix whatever problems that this machine may have.

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