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Landscaping, Agricultural and Grounds Care repair in Dallas Texas

If you need repairs for all your Landscaping, Agricultural and Grounds Care equipment and you are based in Dallas, Texas, then MATvee Services LLC is your best bet.

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We carry out repair services on different types of Landscaping equipment including:


Line Trimmer

Our services include cord/line maintenance, cutting blade maintenance/replacement, engine repairs. This is to ensure that you encounter no problems when making use of your machine while maintaining the durability of the machine for a long time.



The efficient and smooth running of the generator needs to be guaranteed for power to be constantly supplied to necessary equipment. Preventive maintenance and routine engine checks are therefore necessary to prevent sudden breakdown and increase the lifespan of the equipment.



Over time, due to constant usage, lawnmowers can develop certain problems ranging from bad battery to bad ignition coil to overheating. This is where we come in. Our team is well equipped and trained to carry out these services.


Farm Equipment

Each farm activity that involves the use of certain machinery including plowing, harrowing, ridging, planting, harvesting and much more can take from a few hours up to a few days to complete and these activities are performed repeatedly every farming season. These machines are constantly being worn out from the blades becoming blunt to the moving parts getting stiff to the short-circuiting of electrical components. These problems can be solved when you contact us for routine maintenance and servicing of this equipment. We are a hundred percent committed to ensuring that your farm activities are not held up or delayed due to the improper functioning of your machines.


Golf Equipment

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a faulty golf cart ruin a fun game. We render services ranging from charging and maintaining the battery, fixing damages related to the ignition and much more all in a bid to ensure you do not miss a single moment of fun. Need a fleet of golf equipment fixed? We can take care of that as well in a very efficient time frame. Any Golf Equipment that you are experiencing issues with, leave to MATvee Services to fix fast.



Continuous use of the chainsaw without paying heed to proper and regular maintenance can lead to many problems including wear and tear of the chain edges, slacking of the chain and smoking of the machine’s engine.  We offer swift and effective solutions to these problems and more.


Backpack blowers

Regular maintenance and repair of worn-out parts of machines make their constant usage less problematic and more efficient and ensures longer lifespan. Problems that may arise from the use of backpack blowers include damages to the spark plug, broken rewind plug, clogged fuel filter, defective ignition coil. At MATvee Services, an esteemed team of well-trained personnel is available to render solutions to these problems. Contact us today for top-notch repairs.



While using the tractor, different issues may crop up and affect its performance and this can affect the efficiency of work being done. We offer repair and maintenance services for the tractor. These services include blade sharpening, battery charging and cleaning, carburetor and engine maintenance.

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